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Portrait Exchange

Charcoal Portrait Sketch

Charcoal Portrait Sketch

This quick charcoal drawing is what I think of as a getting-to-know-you sketch.

My model as M.L. – we are participants in the Annual Portrait Swap. We were paired by random; we will create a portrait in whatever medium we choose. When done, we exchange the paintings (drawings, whatever they are).  I hear that after doing it for several years, it gets a little odd having a whole wall of portraits of one’s self! I wonder if this will be the impetus I need to paint the obligatory self portrait.

In the meantime, this sketch is not meant to be too exact but rather a way of getting to know the features in the photo that I was sent by my new friend.  It was done with vine charcoal which is very soft and messy, an old bristle paintbrush, and a kneaded eraser for reclaiming some of the whites.  I will do another drawing or two, still without worrying too much about exact likeness, just making mental notes of what needs correcting, before beginning in paint. I will post images and notes as I progress, of course!

One Response to Portrait Exchange

  1. Magali says:

    Hey Stephie! You have a good start there on that portrait! Can’t wait to see the rest, keep it up!