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Two New Starts

Oil painting underpainting San Miguel de Allende 1

Oil painting underpainting San Miguel de Allende 2

two new starts
from photos taken in San Miguel de Allende

one was laid in thickly with a painting knife
the other with brush and thinner paint

just trying different approaches
side by side

the big question
will they end as differently as they started?

i don’t know!
that’s why the test!

off to gallery sit at
The Artist’s Studio and Gallery
at Patriot Place in Foxboro
which is hosting the
Foxboro Art Association’s Members’ Show

Show’s reception Saturday the 23rd from 3-5pm
come on by – see the work – meet the artists!

2 Responses to Two New Starts

  1. brian says:

    both exceptional, but, the first, very, very intriguing

    I wish I was more eloquent, but, it seems a little more
    expressionistic than many of the still lifes I’ve seen.

    there’s a hint of cubism.

    but what do I know. I’ve got an MS in math. For Christ sakes,
    i’m lucky I remember to put on shoes.

    I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much.

  2. snmiksis says:

    thanks brian,you are so funny (yes, world, he is a friend of mine!)