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All Ready to Complete

Oil Painting San Miguel Street Scene WIP
San Miguel Street Scene (WIP, oil, 11×14)

ok i think i know where i’m going with this one
which will really help me finish it.
i try not to leave a work for a while when i have something unresolved.
if i walk away with a game plan for return
i have a better chance of returning!

i’m eager to finish this one
as i’m ready for something new
(also finished a still life… for another post…)

and for those who like to see the path to here:

Oil Painting San Miguel Street Scene WIP2

Oil Painting San Miguel Street Scene WIP1

3 Responses to All Ready to Complete

  1. MP says:

    I love to see the transformation! Keep up the good work! 8^)

  2. It’s beautiful, Stephanie. I like seeing the transformation of your work too. Gracias!!!

  3. snmiksis says:

    it helps me to see my own progress – glad it’s worth sharing! thanks for commenting!