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My Turn

when i saw the show title “What Goes Around”
i thought that it was the perfect time
to paint some of the toys that i have.

Painting Acrylic Still Life Vintage toys motorcycle yo-yo
My Turn (acrylic, 12×16)

i chose the title for the fact that these toys turn
as well as a reference to taking turns
which also goes around…

for some of the process behind this painting
check out my earlier blog entries:
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Hiatus from Still Lifes:
Painting Work Space Still Life Set-up

i won’t be doing studio still lifes for the next few months
as my goal is to get out of the studio,
to paint outdoors, en plein air the french would say.
plein air painting the artists call it;
i call it inspiring!

that said , it’s fortunate that
i do have several commissions to paint in the studio.
i always need something for those days when the weather drives me inside.

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