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Oil Painting Plein Air Sketch Bayside Maine
Cottage Sketch (oil, 12×9)

one of the difficulties of painting on location
is selecting from the possible overload of visual interest.

there were so many cute gingerbread houses to choose from
or do then all in a row? or…

so i decided to focus on the house that had the purple peak
that nicely played off the purple rhododendron.
i put those two notes down to start and painted the rest from there.
this work will serve as color notes for a more finished painting
as well as give me the opportunity to try out alternate croppings.
the peaks might do well in a square format – that sort of thing…

some painters will do small black-and-white “value sketches”
to decide placement and work out ideas – i start that in my head
but then i like to rough it out in color
because i’m impatient!
i’m working on that!

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