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Gladiolas Alla Prima

Oil Painting Gladiolas Alla Prima
Gladiolas Alla Prima (oil, 20 x10)

What a glorious year for gladiolas!
and what glorious inspiration!

The Making of Gladiolas All Prima:
alla prima means all at once,
also referred to as wet-into-wet,
meaning no dry time, no layering.

I used a toned canvas because
well, because I had it…
lately, that has been a driving force for me.

Then I blocked in the large color masses
using tube paint with very little mixing.

The addition of zinc white,
a semi-transparent white,
starts to give the painting body.

This painting is done with almost the same palette
(i.e. the same choice of tubes of paint)
as the previous two gladiola paintings.
By using the same palette elements, I create a harmony.

But things don’t always go according to plan!
I started with the same 2 blues, green, yellow, ochre, red
then I added a yellow because I grabbed the wrong tube
and I added a red because the one I had didn’t give me enough range.
Almost done here…

Oil Painting Alla Prima Gladiolas WIP

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