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Cranberry Bog

Painting Acrylic Cranberry Bog
Cranberry Bog (acrylic, 30×15)

this painting is loose and messy and big!
for me, it’s a refreshing break from my usual
and i really enjoyed the process

i will be submitting this painting to
Post Road Art Center’s New England Show
which runs November 5 to 27
Reception is November 7th 5:30-8:00
wish me luck!

speaking of process:
i’ve heard that seeing the steps is interesting to painters
and non-painters too – maybe even more so!

here’s the block-in
i wanted to get the green undertones down first
Painting Acrylic Cranberry Bog WIPa

then getting the berry color down
it became too dark
which isn’t really obvious in this photo
plus i started to loose the green
Painting Acrylic Cranberry Bog WIPb

so i took it back a step
which is actually GOOD when working this way
it gives the final work more texture and depth
Painting Acrylic Cranberry Bog WIPc

so now getting back on track
(ok these photos aren’t great
but i’m a painter, not a photographer)
i’m getting closer to final WAHOO!
that’s what i say when i’m done
that and Phew!
Painting Acrylic Cranberry Bog WIPd

so if i put these out and asked you to order them
i’m guessing it wouldn’t be in this order!

2 Responses to Cranberry Bog

  1. Brooke says:

    I liked seeing the stages of work in progress. Messy is good! Also, love the daily gallery thing. Hope lots of people are seeing your stuff!

  2. snmiksis says:

    seeing and even buying – YAY!