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Dealing with Painter’s Block

Oil Painting White Cup Alla Prima
White Cup (oil, 5×5)

Still feeling blocked
- what to paint
- how to paint
needs to stop before it gets to
-why to paint

so one trick is
to go back to basics

one white cup
done with 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 red
& white
ok, 2 whites but what can i say…
simple is complicated!

it can also be very difficult;
so maybe not the best choice
as an antidote to painter’s block!

another tip:
learn something new

ok – i learned that
the leftover container from my chinese take-out
is a great size for sorting/storing my oil paints


i like learning :)

stand by as i try more block break-throughs…

To Purchase “White Cup”: Click here for gallery purchase page.

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