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Work in Process

Acrylic Painting Wave WIP 1
Wave #1 (WIP. acrylic, 12×24)

this painting is started on a canvas
that’s a favorite shape of mine
same proportions as Cranberry Bog
but slightly smaller
and i changed the orientation
from tall to wide

still working in acrylic
i’m more free with acrylic than oil
not sure why
perhaps a sense of “less to lose”
i guess
since acrylic dries fast enough
that i can rework it sooner

with oil when it doesn’t “work”
i either have to wait a day or two
or i have to scrape it off
and i’m not always
that patient!

i like the way it is coming along
but it does get more “high stakes”
when i like it – i have something to lose

the trick is
i have to remember that i can get it back
if i did it once i can do it again
that’s a tough one!

2 Responses to Work in Process

  1. Sandra Williams says:

    I love the colors you have used and how the waves really look like waves. I have just started painting April 2013. Love looking at other peoples pieces to learn more of what I need to do.

    • snmiksis says:

      Thanks Sandra – looking at others’ work is a great way to learn and be inspired! glad i can be a part of that – it’s one of the perks of painting and sharing :-)