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Almost there – Next stop my website

Oil Painting Portrait WIP

90% Done!!

Almost finished with my portrait exchange.
Next posting will be when it’s done and it goes up on my website.

i think the greatest lesson for me was
it takes months for me to paint a portrait!
well, that and how much the mirror helps with form.
i used it a lot this time and will again
when i work to turn the side of the face that’s in shadow further away.
a few other touch ups etc

but generally happy with how it went
and that’s a real coup!
glad i experimented with the painting knife
with the heavy application on the sweater
i think it works…

and yes there are stars in the blue
i was thinking of the design elements often used by the modern artists
and, well, i wanted to have a little fun!

One Response to Almost there – Next stop my website

  1. Magali says:

    Stephanie I love the background!
    I spend quite some time there in the stars, not to mention my interest in Astrology…
    The texture of the sweater works well, I cannot wait to see it in person!