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Golden Open Acrylic Painting TStrap Shoes
T-Straps (acrylic, 8×10)

trying out my new painting box
from Guerrilla Painter
it’s called the French Resistance
(that’s funny wordplay to us artists…)

Golden Open Acrylic Painting TStrap Shoes WIP1

i’m liking it! i already have their smaller one
Guerrilla Paintbox 6x8 ThumBox™ Version 2.0

but shhh… don’t tell them
i flipped their plaque on the front
and wrote MY name on it!!

and speaking of name changes:
i apologize to Bandolino
for replacing their label
on these beautiful vintage 80s shoes
with MY name too!

i’m really full of myself today
but no worries – in no time
i’ll be returning to humility
and, very likely, self-doubt
-it’s another artist thing !!

Check for availability here

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