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Portrait of Lucky

Oil Painting Pet Portrait
Lucky (oil, 6×6)

pet portraits are always a pleasure for me

i generally prefer to paint from life
but with portraits – both people and pet! -
photos are indispensable

and the best part of it?
the photos don’t have to be very good!
sometimes “good enough” is ok!

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4 Responses to Portrait of Lucky

  1. tom burns says:

    Hi Stephanie! I’m finally eating dinner (9:00) after boiling and meeting you and Charlie’s crew, and canning 11 1/2 gallons of the first syrup of the season. I’ve got your picture (well, not you, though I wish I had one of you, but my Triumph) propped up on the table and thinking how special it was to meet you and how lucky I am to have one of your pictures! I can’t believe you were just in Mexico and voted to go to Vermont in March right afterward! Well, I’m glad you did, and I’m sure the whole gang is glad you did, too. Hope I’ll see you next March, or before, who knows? I love my new picture! Tom

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks, Tom! I am so glad that you like the painting – it was a treat to paint :-) We all enjoyed coming out to see your operation and paint there – and yes, everyone said to do it again next year – although we’d be a little happier being a little warmer! meanwhile back in Massachusetts, I’m LOVING my Vermont maple syrup! ~stephanie

  2. tom burns says:

    ps, most pictures of motorcycles look static, like, all wrong for what they actually are. Your picture looks like the bike is growling and saying, Come ON, will someone please kick me over-let’s get GOing here, people!!

    • Stephanie says:

      poor thing probably thought the removal of the tarp was the signal for Spring – it does seem to want to get moving! ~s