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My Trip to Vermont

Where’s the mud?
seems i miscalculated… or mother nature did!

it was still winter when i went to Vermont in march
to participate in Charlie Hunter’s Paint Out
but the warm company of the fellow frozen-@** artists kept us all going!
[Charlie's work is truly inspirational (regardless of what his cats say); check it out!]

we started in Bellow Falls on the Vermont side of the Connecticut River
Vilas Bridge, Bellow Falls, Vermont Oil Painting
Vilas Bridge Sketch (oil, 9×12)

i got to meet a woman who said her father helped build this beautiful but no longer used bridge – cool!

Bellow Falls, Vermont Gas Pumps
Gas Pumps Sketch (oil, 8×10)

and then by afternoon, cool was decidedly colder
or maybe it was just the sleet bouncing off our palettes
that made it seem colder
but these two gas pumps seemed happy enough – almost robot-like!

when it snowed we stayed around our base, the Grafton Inn

Grafton Vermont Snow Day
Snow Day Sketch (oil, 6×8)

still working with Charlie’s limited palette of colors
i pulled out my trusty palette knife for a change up

then we tried an outing to Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center
but had to call it quits a bit early
when the wind wasn’t knocking over our easels
the sun would pop out for a little snow blindness!

Oil Painting Vermont Snow Field
Vermont Snow Field Sketch (oil, 9×12)

plus i dropped it in the snow TWICE trying to put it away
did i mention we laughed a lot that week

Hint of Spring oil painting
Hint of Spring (oil, 8×10) Click to purchase

while most of the others were painting the frozen stream
i was desperately seeking a hint of Spring –
there was a tiny tiny bit of green in there at my feet!

then off to the maple sugar house by Tom Burns & Family & Friends
we were privileged to see the WOOD-fueled! operation underway
and guess what i found to paint?

1971 Triumph Motorcycle oil painting
Is It Spring Yet? (oil, 8×10)

i found a 1971 Triumph motorcycle hiding from winter under a tarp
Tom said that i could uncover it – i was almost too excited to paint!
that painting stayed behind; i came home with
loaded with antioxidants, i hear – great trade if you ask me!
[to see Tom's comments, check out this article]

plus a few sketches and a final note for later work
Signs at Grafton Vermont corner
Signs sketch (oil, 6×8)

we all had such a great time
i think most of the last day
was spent looking forward to next year!
just don’t ask us to sing ;-)
trust me; it’s for your own good!

so these are my souvenirs
mostly “sketches” or “field studies”
not finished works
but placeholders to come back to

soon, i hope :-)

but maybe without the snow…

8 Responses to My Trip to Vermont

  1. MP says:

    Loved the bike under covers!!! Looks like the Triumph wants spring to get here too!

    • snmiksis says:

      you know it, MP! it may be old but it’s registered and ready to go! wish i could have heard it growl ;-)

  2. Tim says:

    Wonderful work as always my friend – Vermont Snow Field Sketch & Hint of Spring are beauties!

  3. Tim says:

    Snow Day Sketch too!

    • snmiksis says:

      this one was called “successful and strange” at our critique; oddly enough, i like that! (Thanks, Paul!)

  4. Brooke says:

    I too love the “Is It Spring Yet?” one. And Vermont is always so special…

    • snmiksis says:

      thanks, Brooke – i think we’re all glad it’s FINALLY spring in these parts! Vermont was a great trip and can’t wait to go back!