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Boston’s Rowse Wharf

Boston Rowes Wharf Sketch

i made another trip into Boston
(expect more visits between now and Memorial Day)

i found a shady place to sit
since i haven’t set up my umbrella yet
(painting in full sun can make a painting too dark…
and both palette and painting need to be in the same light while working
so the colors don’t get skewed)

i found a place with a nice view
and i liked the boats in the foreground
what boats? you ask

i was reminded of the Charles Barsotti cartoon
charles barsotti they moved my bowl new yorker cartoon conde nast

in my case
they moved my boat!!

note to self
next time
start with the moveable objects

or better yet
i think i’ll paint the tea party boats
they don’t move!

p.s. it’s ok – i got them back – i moved the custom house!

One Response to Boston’s Rowse Wharf

  1. snmiksis says:

    oh and the same thing happened
    to my friend and fellow Paint Out artist Ella

    while i was painting the motorcycle in the snow,
    she was painting the 1979 Chevy Pickup
    until it left for a sap run!!

    oh the challenges :)