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Painting in Boston Public Garden – Bridge

Boston Public Garden Bridge Painting Acrylic
Boston Public Garden: Bridge over the Swan Pond (acrylic, 12×16) $200

several of my trips into Boston
were focused on the bridge over the swan pond
(i even got to see them put the boats into the water!
the swans? they came when i wasn’t there – harrumpf)

i did several sketches and then went in to get some reference photos
TWICE – i forgot to adjust the resolution on my camera the first time!
did someone mention “time and effort” – yeah, i go through a lot of that!

alas i do not have any pictures of me painting but several tourists do!
i prefer the ones who ask over the ones who think i don’t notice ;)
mostly because i like the friendly interaction
but either way, i ‘m tickled pink; i’m a tourist attraction!

for those of you interested in how the studio process goes
i use photos and the sketches that i did on location

here’s an early stage – it’s like the game of what’s different

i changed a tree or two… two or three times
and several variations of the building on the right

here it’s further along but still changing

i keep saying to myself “i CAN get there from here”
and while i don’t always believe it
i think i made my way this time!

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