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study for new oil painting

study for City Limits oil painting
this is a photo of a painting superimposed
on a lightened version of a larger reference photo
huh? well, it goes like this…

there doesn’t seem to be a set pattern
as to how i come up with my next painting
this one is a whole new process
i got the idea to look into my city photos
for a possible entry into an upcoming show
found one that i really like
but i knew it definitely wasn’t going to be easy
so i got creative (well, isn’t that the point?!)
i decided that the finished work would have to be larger that my current work
and so i settled on 18 x 24 inches
but not being brave enough to dive right in
i cropped the photo to a 9×12 section
and proceeded to paint the smaller canvas as a study,
a test, proof of concept, and mostly just plain old how-to

so that’s what you are seeing…
i’ll let you know when it’s done

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