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Shows – oh the pressure

Oil Painting City Limits
My painting City Limits has been accepted into
the City Views Exhibit at The Next Door Gallery in Mansfield.
The artists’ reception is on Saturday, May 12th from 7-9pm.
Ed and I will be dining at Cheng Du’s across the street first
if anyone is interested!

Oil Painting Still Life Cape Cod Fire StarterOil Painting Landscape Cape Cod dunes
My still life Cape Codders and landscape Roadside Dunes
are still waiting to hear from Cape Cod Art Association.
Keeping my digits crossed…

Oil Painting Figure WIP Venus de Milo
meanwhile i have begun to paint my latest work (oil, 24×18)
(which isn’t easy with crossed fingers!)
the design and composition phase was done a couple months ago
sort of simmering on the back burner while i worked on others
and now it’s going from the “values” stage (i.e. light-dark scale)
and moving into color temperature stage (i.e. cool-warm scale)
and then the paint goes on with ease –
well… in theory!
of course i’ll post it when it’s done

6 Responses to Shows – oh the pressure

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking good! 8^) Good luck in your show!

  2. snmiksis says:


  3. Mary says:

    Thanks so much for helping me with my blog comments problem. This is also a test to see if yours works!

  4. wow….they are beautiful!! can’t wait to see them in your studio!