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“Patriot” Portrait of Mike

Oil Portrait Patriot Motorcycle Biker
Patriot (oil, 20×16)

my friend and fellow rider

i like that it looks realistic
but then
when you walk up close
when you think you’ll see skin
you see
and at first
it’s almost startling
Oil Painting portrait Patriot (detail) motorcyclist
and then
the next thing you know
you’re sitting across from someone
and you realize
you’re rethinking what skin looks like
and you’ll see colors you didn’t see before

well, that’s how it is for me

9 Responses to “Patriot” Portrait of Mike

  1. brian says:

    this painting came out great!

    was he a model or did he commission this?

  2. Lola says:

    WOW! This is great! The painting looks exactly like the man. Someone has to buy this.

    • snmiksis says:

      Thanks – it is going to his family. His daughter Lunden even said it’s looks like him!

  3. HOla,
    Great job on all your communication…not to mention the Honorable Mention!!!! You go girl!
    Can’t wait to see you here…Love and Besitos, ~jxo